From Obi Island for Indonesia

Our commitments to participate in developing the eastern part of Indonesia and supporting the implementation of laws and regulations particularly downstream processing in minerals is realized through sustainable low grade nickel or limonite processing and refining project by adopting environmentally friendly technology called hydrometallurgical High Pressure Acid Leaching. The low-grade nickel processing and refining plant we are constructing is the pioneer industry or the first one in Indonesia by utilizing the low-grade nickel that have not been utilized with no economic value since they are only used for back-filling materials of the ex-mine pit area. By adopting environmentally-friendly technology, the low-grade nickel will have an added value to become a strategic business.

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For Healthy and Better Quality of Life

Low grade nickel is the raw material for the electric vehicle's battery. This environmental friendly vehicle is actively developed globally, including the Indonesian government, concerning air pollution, one of which is caused by gasoline-fueled vehicles. For us, this project is an effort to conserve minerals as well as a contribution to creating a higher quality and healthier environment in the future.

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Implementation of Best Practices in All Company's Activities

In all of Company's activities, we are committed to complying with the highest standards and commitments by promoting the aspects of environmental management and protection (environmental stewardness), Occupational Health and Safety as well as optimum contributions to all stakeholders, particularly the communities where we operate.

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PT Halmahera Persada Lygend is currently developing a processing and refining plant by utilizing the hydrometallurgical High Pressure Acid Leaching technology through high-pressure solvent leaching method in a high pressure chamber. This technology utilizes low nickel content laterite ore limonite type with relatively (Ni < 1.6%) and produces an intermediate product in the form of Mixed Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) and produces end products of nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfat. The limonite ore materials derive from ore products of Mining Permit Companies (IUP) PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP) and PT Gane Permai Sentosa (GPS) which are part of Harita Nickel mine operations.

The company has received Mining Special for Processing and Refinery Operation Permit based on Head of BKPM 6/1/IUP/PMA/2019 date 17th January 2019, regarding Approval of Operation Mining Business Permit Special Production for Processing and Refining of Nickel Commodity Metal Minerals to PT Halmahera Persada Lygend.


Employees discussing in the autoclave area, the main unit in HPAL technology

Optimize the value of our resources to provide the best contributions to our shareholders, stakeholders, and the nation.

Sustainable excellence through continuous improvements of people and processes.


Shareholders of PT Halmahera Persada Lygend include Harita Nickel through PT Trimegah Bangun Persada in cooperation with PT Ningbo Lygend Mining. The processing and refinery production site is located at Kawasi Village, Obi district, South Halmahera regency, North Maluku province, Indonesia. 




Achievement oriented

Respect for every individual




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Global warming has become one of issues that draw concerns of every elements of community to achieve a healthy living environment for today's and future generations. In relation to this, Halmahera Persada Lygend has performed a number of studies to anticipate potential emission impacts generated from every step of production processes. In addition, the company is developing different initiatives regarding climate change risk reductions including implementation of water use efficiency, minimizing the use of fossil energy sources in the production processes, and hydrocarbons arrangements. The company is committed to controlling energy sources utilization in every step of production processes in pursuance of principles and good environmental governance through implementation of low emission technology.

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The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) policy on business and human rights practices has drawn the attention of Halmahera Persada Lygend in performing the Human Rights Risk and Impact Assessment to enable the Company to have better understanding of the risks and the impacts of project for all stakeholders and to ensure the human rights principles and properly implemented through Company's policies and procedures. The company continues to be committed to complying with the Indonesian and International laws and regulations, specifically in the area of human rights.

As to social and environmental policies, the company is committed to implementing the national and global standards' best practices including development of policies and commitments of a planned and sustainable Community Development Program, implementation of Health and Safety (OHS) culture at project area, public complaint mechanisms, and policies on the development of non-discriminative and non-violent employee's welfare. The Company has developed Human Rights Management as the foundation of operation principles.

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The Halmahera Persada Lygend provides a wide range of positive impacts to all stakeholders including employment opportunities for approx. 1,900 direct employees and approx. 400 business partners when the Company operates in the future. The Company believes that all employees involved in the project are the key assets to deliver the Company's commitments in developing the eastern part of the nation as well as to create the blue sky in Indonesia.

Safety briefing of employees and business partners at plant's construction area